5 Essential Tips for Preventing Acne Breakouts during Summer

Preventing Acne Breakouts

5 Essential Tips for Preventing Acne Breakouts during Summer

If you suffer from acne, then you must dread the hot, humid summer weather because it typically bring new breakouts. However, irrespective of your age, there are a few simple tricks that you can use in order to prevent acne flare-ups during summer:

  1. Avoid foods that cause acne

Yes, we all crave ice cream and soft drinks during summer, but sugary foods and drinks are linked to acne breakouts. It is also advisable to avoid carbs, fatty fish, butter and oil.

  1. Use adequate lotions and creams

Change your skin care routine when summer approaches. In general, relinquish all the thick and oily creams you’ve used all winter and change them with light creams and a toner to clean your pores. We’ve wrote more about changing the skin care regimen here.

  1. Clean thoroughly

In fact, the primary reason for the appearance of pimples is pore clogging. Avoid it by cleaning your skin with a gentle brush or an exfoliating lotion at least once a day. These can reach deeper into your skin than your soapy fingers, so use them as often as possible.

  1. Don’t wait until it’s too late

It’s very hard to cure acne breakouts, especially when they happen during the summer, but it’s not that hard to prevent them. Start your new skin care regimen and avoid certain foods before the flare-up happens. This way, you may not need to treat anything!

  1. Eat foods that prevent constipation

You may not know this, but acne and the excretory system are linked. When the latter doesn’t work properly, your complexion will suffer. Avoid oily foods, fried foods and red meat and replace them with fruits and vegetables, as well as oatmeal or another food that is rich in fiber. Also, try to chew each morsel thoroughly so that it can be easily digested.

If the worst happens and you can’t prevent the breakout until it’s too late, don’t panic! There are always ways to get rid of acne – it may not happen overnight, but it will. At the VS MedSpa Laser clinic, we have a vast background in helping both adults and teenagers keep their acne under control, especially during summer.

We use highly experienced personnel and cutting edge technologies for all our treatments, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment. Together with our specialists, you can decide which treatment suits you best!

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