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Ekseption skin peel package

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Including home skin care set


You will get:
5 treatments in clinic plus
6 skin care products to take home

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ekseption treatment packages including home skin care

Choose any peel treatment package and receive a complimentary ekseption home skin care set (value $220)

age less peptide peel $545
  • age less peptide peel 
  • anti-aging
  • wrinkles & fine lines
  • renewal of cells
  • hydrates dry skin
  • mature skin / all skin type
  • includes home skin care set
  • 5 treatments / 1hr each
ekseption treatment
white-up peptide peel $545
  • white-up peptide peel
  • hyperpigmentation
  • wrinkles & fine lines
  • enlighten skin tone
  • reduces pigmentation
  • all skin type
  • includes home skin care set
  • 5 treatments / 1hr each


ekseption treatment
pure skin peel $545
  • pure skin peel
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • folliculitis
  • oily – dry skin
  • all skin type
  • includes home skin care set
  • 5 treatments / 1hr each



ekseption home skin care

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ice cream repair
ice cream repair $62
  • repair & restore
  • intense cooling
  • rich protectant
  • firms & nourishes
  • face, eyes and lips.
  • all skin type
  • *also for dry & delicate skin*
all day sheild
all day shield $56
  • world’s most natural SPF50
  • prevent lines & wrinkles
  • protects 365 days
  • long lasting protection
  • face, eyes and lips
  • all skin type
  • *also for dry & delicate skin*


all-in-one cleanse & peel
all-in-one cleanse & peel $33
  • cleansing & make-up removal
  • gentle skin exfoliation
  • micro peeling
  • balance the skin pH
  • face, eyes and lips.
  • all skin type
  • *also for dry & delicate skin*


monsoon mist tone & peel
monsoon mist tone & peel $29
  • completes the cleansing
  • ultra-refreshing
  • moisturizes
  • face, eyes and lips.
  • all skin type
  • *also for dry & delicate skin*
pha activator
pha activator $56
  • restores natural ph gradient
  • activate exfoliating enzymes
  • increase skin radiance
  • restore a high skin moisture
  • all skin type
  • *also for dry & delicate skin*


ekseption home skin care set
ekseption home skin care set $220
  • all-in-one cleanse & peel
  • monsoon mist tone & peel
  • pha activator
  • ice cream repair
  • all day sheild
  • *contact for custom order*


Age Less Peptide Peel Treatment, Single $80

You can book one single Age Less Peptide Peel Treatment with us to refresh your skin.  We will make sure to customize the right formulation of serums and products your skin needs.  You will experience our ekseption cleanse, enzyme exfoliant, peel, hydrating mask, and skin care regimen formulated with perfection to give you a more balanced skin-pH. $80

What is Age Less Peptide Peel?

This is a superficial peel by ekseption™ to treat the signs of skin ageing and in particular, loss of firmness, skin sagging and wrinkles. This professional treatment combines different acids with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and peptides delivering immediate and long lasting results, in total safety. It is the “safest” chemical peel in the world. Peels are without doubt one of the most effective skin care rejuvenation procedure, they target mainly pigmentation, skin ageing, wrinkles and acne. You can refresh your skin before an event for beautiful looking skin. Non-Agressive. No Downtime.  Safe All Year Round.

Intensive treatments against skin ageing and wrinkles.


What are the benefits of Age Less Peptide Peel?

This kind of treatment facilitates renewal of cells of dermis and epidermis, makes deep wrinkles less visible and removes fine lines. It also provides a good lifting effect and moisturizes skin. It is suitable for any skin type with signs of aging, particularly for dry skin. Peptide active peel resurfacing is one of the best solutions for mature skin.


  • Skin ageing.
  • Photo-aging (skin aging caused by excessive UV-radiation)
  • Skin sagging and deep wrinkles.
  • Intense skin moisture.
  • Designed to restore the natural skin pH gradient.
  • Activate exfoliating enzymes to renew the skin gradually.
  • Increase the overall skin radiance.

*These photos are just examples of possible results. Results & experience may vary.


  • Lactic acid
  • Gluconolactone
  • Lactobionic acid
  • Mandelic acid
  • 3 peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Sodium lactate
age less peptide peel ingredients

More benefits and information….


These are the first active peels combining hyaluronic acid and peptides.  The peptides are infused into the skin together with the acids to reduce wrinkles, ageing and pigmentation.


The acids we selected are non-photosensitizing and our peels can be used all along the year. Consecutive safe superficial peels for deep skin rejuvenation are very effective treatments to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and enlighten the skin tone. They improve after just one session the skin texture for a glowing complexion. Our peels have a high acid concentration and a pH between 3 to 4.5 to cover all skin types and indications. Ekseption offers the maximum safety, and results.


Ekseption peels are superficial, but the professionals always keep control of the peel by simply applying various layers and adjusting downtime between the peels.


Ekseption peels do not contain any preservatives and are free from ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers.

Huge Savings Off Ekseption Peel Treatments For a Limited Time Only!*

*Please Note: Individual results for the treatment will vary. Any photos and examples shown cannot guarantee that every patient will achieve similar results. The only way to determine your results and set realistic treatment expectations is to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists. All patients must undergo our consultation with one of our licensed specialists prior to receiving treatment. This offer is valid until May 30, 2019, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Taxes not included.