The Autumn Skin Care Routine That Prepares Your Skin For Winter

Autumn Skin Care Routine

The Autumn Skin Care Routine That Prepares Your Skin For Winter

Autumn is a time of transition for everything, from nature to the very skin that covers your body. The days grow shorter, so you will get less sun exposure, the temperature is lower and there is more humidity in the air – all of these reflect on the way your skin looks and feels. Renew and recover – these are the keywords for autumn skin care if you want your transition to winter to go smoothly and to avoid any issues as soon as the cold weather settles in.

Don’t worry, autumn skin care is not rocket science. You just need to to abide by a few simple principles and your skin will look amazing:

Forget about soap

A soapy scrub that smells divine might have been your favorite treat after a day at the beach but it’s time to put it away – it will dry your skin severely. Opt for creamy body and face washes instead.

Choose an oil-based scrub for exfoliation

If you spent a lot of time at the pool during summer, then your skin may feel dry and flaky. This sensation will only become more pertinent as the days grow colder. You can get great results with an oily body scrub – it peels away the flakes and dead skin, but at the same time it also offers hydration.

Change your lotion for cream

Lotions are ideal during the summer because of their light and non-greasy texture. But the colder it gets, the more hydration your skin needs – yes, much more than a light lotion can offer. Thicker creams can provide an oily barrier and thus reduce water loss from your skin and provide hydration at the same time. However, try not to make this a sudden change; don’t go from lotion directly to the thickest cream you can find, search for a medium-thick alternative to use before the cold really kicks in.

Don’t forget about lip protection

The first signs of cracked lips appear during the fall. In order to avoid severe cracks during winter, start using a non-petroleum lip moisturizer now.

Don’t forget about sunscreen

The sun may not be as powerful as it was last month, but it can still harm your skin. Never leave home without a strong SPF cream (at least 30) on all the parts of your body that are exposed to UV radiation. You can use a face moisturizer or BB cream that already has SPF incorporated or apply it separately.

Did the summer sun damage your skin? Give us a call, we have high-tech solutions for almost every skin issue.

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