Full Legs (including feet and toes) Laser Hair Removal for Women

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Full Legs (including feet and toes) laser hair removal for Women, 1 session, pack of 3 and pack of 6 sessions

The full legs cover the area from toes and feet to the top of the thigh, under the buttocks on both legs. The full leg does not include the bikini line. Treatment feels like a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation.

  • Appointment is required.
  • New customers are required to arrive 20 minutes prior to appointment for a free consultation.
  • At least 6-8 treatments to achieve up to 85% permanent hair reduction. Results depend on the color and thickness of your hair, as well as your skin tone. The sessions are spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • Treatment takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • NO waxing, tweezing, threading, plucking or any other means of hair removal that will remove the hair follicle for at least 2-3 weeks before your treatment. Shaving Only! (Recommended.)
  • Avoid any forms of tanning for 2-3 weeks, including tanning beds, self-tanner, sun exposure etc.
  • Please let us know if you are taking any medications. No laser treatments at least 2 weeks if you are taking antibiotics.
  • Non Refundable
  • Non Exchangeable


Laser Hair Removal for Women, Full Legs (including feet and toes)1 session, pack of 3 and pack of 6 sessions

Full legs hair removal for women is a treatment that can safely, effectively and permanently reduce the hair. Without the harmful effects shaving can have on your skin. Laser hair removal for women works by targeting the dark pigment of hair right at the root and destroying it on contact. In a matter of minutes, the session is over and you’re one step closer to achieving the smooth, beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of. There’s little downtime involved, meaning you can receive the treatment on your lunch break and immediately get back to your day. Super saving packages available.

We can treat all skin tones safely and effectively.

Our laser hair removal works on all skin tones. Indeed, some hair removal methods are limited to light skin. Instead our laser is precise enough to target the hair follicle and eliminate hair growth at the root without damaging the surface of the skin. Even the darkest of skin tones can be treated.

Remember, that the number of treatment sessions and the gap between them greatly depend on the following factors:

  • Color of hair
  • Area to be treated
  • Hair coarseness
  • Overall hair growth density

Keep our recommendations for the length of time between your treatments. And laser method will effectively give you the best results.

Our expert team uses the latest laser hair removal technology.

Soprano XL Laser

Soprano has been FDA and Health Canada approved. It is used worldwide and has safely and effectively treated millions of patients. Soprano XL uses pulses of infrared diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles in the subdermal layer of skin until eventually, the hair can no longer grow. With the combination of IN-Motion™ technology and a patented Dual Chill™ treatment tip, the surface of your skin remains cool throughout the treatment.

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Full Legs

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