Skin elasticity and volume fill up

Skin elasticity and volume fill up

Skin elasticity and volume fill up

Innoaesthetics professional skin care product for skin elasticity and density

Active principles
Hyaluronic Acid · DMAE · Mannitol · Panthenol

Photoaging levels II and III . Densification of the skin structure. Increase of the tone and skin turgor.

Minimum number of sessions: 3
pH of the product: 7.0 – 7.5
Presentation: 10ml
Osmolarity: 260-340 mOsmol/Kg
Time between sessions: 30 days

Mechanism of action
It combines a moisturizing action, which restores skin elasticity, with the stimulation of skin density, which provides a firming effect.

FILL UP Intense resurfacing effect for skin elasticity

Fill Up is a transdermal solution to increase skin density, enhance skin moisture and elasticity. It plumps up the skin and fills wrinkles.

Modern cosmetic means are intended to show specific visible results focused on solving clients’ problems.

The Spanish INNOAESTHETICS company is one of the largest companies providing a full range of the innovation products reflecting recent trends of modern aesthetic medicine.

The company’s research department together with a multi-profile team of professionals are in the continuous state of exploration of the new active components that will help to achieve real and visible results, and, therefore, to improve the clients’ quality of life.

The use of the INNOAESTHETICS preparations improves the quality of life, helping to solve aesthetic problems.

The INNO-TDS preparations were developed by the own modern pharmaceutical laboratory.

High-quality ingredients that do not contain substances of animal or human origin or genetically modified components are used.

The INNO-TDS preparations are the balanced compositions with optimum concentrations of components. They are highly effective and safe, allow to achieve visible results, which was proved during scientific and clinical research.

The INNO-TDS preparations are used to treat and prevent various aesthetic problems.

There are means for the comprehensive programs of correction and prevention of aging changes in the face and body skin, treatment of lipohydrodystrophy, excessive fatty deposits, to optimize rehabilitation processes after applied aggressive methods.


  • Monopreparations and multicomponent cocktails.
  • Comprehensive programs of correction and prevention of aging changes.
  • Highest concentrations.
  • Balanced compositions.
  • Clinical safety.
  • Predictability of results.
  • High performance.

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