Although there are so many modern and heavily advertised treatments in the contemporary cosmetology, the classical facial remains one of most popular through decades. Why can’t such advanced methods as Photofacial, RF-lifting, Fractional Laser, Microdermabrasion etc. completely replace this “archaic” approach?

First of all, “Classical Facial” nowadays is a combination of several procedures, chosen by the professional service-provider according to the patient’s needs and expectations. This combination can be exceptionally customised, which provides the highest level of comfort and final result.

An essential part of each facial has always been appropriate deep cleansing. Unfortunately, none of the existing skin-care products for home use can deliver a proper degree of the purification. That is why the vast majority of skin-care specialists recommend coming for the professional clinical facial every 3-4 weeks. There are several ways to achieve the really deep cleaning. One of them is manual or mechanical. This method indeed comes from the ancient times. It is quite painful and traumatic, but in some cases (especially as a combination with the vaporisation) it is still irreplaceable. Modern cosmetology, however, appreciated the benefits of ultrasound. After all, providing restorative and rejuvenating effect, ultrasound has a number of advantages over other methods of care: does not expose your skin to squeezing and stretching, does not disturb the top layer (mechanical cleaning of the face, injuring the skin, not needed in most cases).

It is not surprising that nowadays every beauty salon (respecting its clients) has in its arsenal multifunctional ultrasonic device. Microvibration and micromassage take action at the cellular level. It improves the blood, increases immunity, activates the metabolism, increases regeneration (renewal) of soft tissues, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin.


Another reason for the classical facial being so popular is a widest range of sophisticated aesthetic products. After the cleaning, ultrasound, high frequency and massage, our skin is able to absorb much more useful ingredients than before. The dead skin layer is removed, pores are clean and open, increased microcirculation delivers much more oxygen to the tissues. Great number of the most efficient and customised products are designed and made by Dermaquest and Swissclinical.

After the skin is properly cleaned and filled with healthy ingredients there is the right time to relax.

Gentle massage followed by a soothing or stress-relief mask makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Depending on the skin-type, there might be temporary break-outs. Therefore do not forget to ask about home-use products helping to maintain and improve possible outcome.

Whether the classical facial is done alone or as a part of a combination with other methods, you can rely on this time-proof approach and expect great results!

Starting Price: $89.00