Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector

Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector

ultimate eye corrector Innoaesthetics
ultimate eye corrector Innoaesthetics

Ultimate Eye Corrector – anti-aging eye treatment. Visible improvement of the signs of photoaging in the periorbital area.

Active Principles

Vitamin A · Lactobionic Acid · Mandelic Acid · Salicylic Acid


Periorbital photoaging. Idiopathic cutaneous hyperchromia at the orbital region. Eye Lift.

Mechanism of action

Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector is a repairing and revitalizing treatment for eye contour based on A vitamin and Polyhydroxy Acids that improve fine lines around the eyes and evens the skin tone.

Ultimate Eye Corrector is an anti-aging eye treatment, based on vitamin A and Polyhydroxy Acids, that rejuvenates the eye contour, reducing crow’s feet and firming sagging eyelids.

Discomfort: Mild to moderate abrasion
Degree of peeling: None or mild
Minimum number of sessions: 5
pH of the product: <2
Presentation: 2x10g
Recovery time: Immediate

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