Why Winter is the Best Laser Hair Removal Season?

Best Laser Hair Removal

Why Winter is the Best Laser Hair Removal Season?

What is the Best Laser Hair Removal Time?

Winter’s here, which means, if you’re like many people, you’ve probably taken a bit of break from whatever your preferred method of hair removal is. Why wax or shave, when no one’s going to see your legs anyway?

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, winter is actually the best laser hair removal season to get rid of your unwanted hair as it requires some preparation. For example, waxing, depilatory cream, sun exposure and fake tan are prohibited two weeks prior to treatment. As this is not ideal for summer bikini weather, it’s much easier to prepare in the cooler months when you are all rugged up in cozy jumpers and jeans.

Best Laser Hair Removal is on Untanned Skin?

Laser hair removal works because the pigment found in your hair follicles absorbs the heat and energy from the laser beams. The energy from the laser destroys the follicles, so that new hair can’t grow. Although newer laser treatments are suitable for people of all complexions, the best laser hair removal treatment typically you get when there’s a considerable contrast between the color of your hair and the color of your skin. Dark hair on light skin is the easiest to remove with lasers, for example.

Besides, sun exposure increases risk of inaccurate laser settings, which can damage your skin. This is why we strongly advise you avoid tanning. And this is why winter is an ideal time to begin your laser hair removal treatments.

Your sun exposure is limited in the winter

After laser hair removal, it’s usually recommended that you avoid sun exposure on the treated area. Your skin will be more sensitive to the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays after laser treatment. Exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration or spots to develop. Hence, after-care instructions for a laser hair removal session include avoiding sun exposure on treated areas for two to four weeks. The winter time makes this recovery step a much easier process.

Finally, you’re more likely to be wearing clothing that covers up the area you’re getting treated in the winter than you are in the summer.

You Will Have Enough Time for Multiple Treatments

One the reasons why winter is the best laser hair removal season is: you have time to actually lose the treated hair and time to schedule additional treatments, if needed. Laser treatments only work on hair that’s actively growing. Not every follicle is in the active phase at the same time. So you usually need to schedule multiple treatment sessions to get the full results.

It is advised to lock in your next treatment within six weeks, making the three months of winter the perfect period of time to get a few treatments in time for summer.

Take advantage of the winter months and get a head start on having smooth, hair-free skin now so you can rock that bikini with confidence.