Brazilian for men laser hair removal pack

Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal.
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Brazilian for Men is one of the most popular laser hair removal treatments that we offer. Male Brazilian laser hair removal covers the front of the pubic region, under the intimate areas and up the back of the thong line.

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, or the razor rash which leaves you looking and feeling sore. Just 6 sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments provide long-term, hair free results. (*conditions apply)

Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Male Brazilian Is On The Rise. We still remember the time when hairy man was considered “sexy”. At this day and age “sexy” and hair don’t go together. Laser hair removal for men has been a growing trend.

One of the laser hair treatments we offer is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for Men, including hair removal of all (or almost all)  hair from your pubic region and buttocks area. Having these sensitive areas treated by laser reduces the accidental nicking and irritation caused by shaving and waxing. All treatments are performed with your privacy and well-being in mind at all times. Brazilian for men is a very easy and quick process that is discreet. You will be covered by a towel 99% of the time.

If you have any questions about getting your pubic area hair free, speak with one of our friendly booking consultants by calling (647) 352-7373 and they can answer any questions you might have.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Package

A Bikini Line laser hair removal treatment typically covers around 2-3 inches beyond the bikini line. It can also focus on some areas covered by the underwear, but this is up to the patient.
A Brazilian laser hair removal for men focuses on more areas than a bikini treatment because it covers the area usually covered by the underwear. It includes the front of the pubic region, under the intimate areas and up the back of the thong line.


Pain-Free, Hair-Free, Safe, Affordable

Gold standard in laser hair removal – the Alma Soprano XL boasts a fast, efficient, and effective laser hair treatment that causes virtually no pain to the patient while facilitating a speedy recovery. The laser treatment uses an 810-nm diode laser in combination with Alma Lasers’ IN-Motion™ technology to provide complete hair removal on any part of the body without the need for topicals, cooling or other numbing agents.


Private Area Laser Hair Removal Price For Men
Area Per Session Pack of 3 (save up to 10%) Pack of 6 (save up to 15%) Buy Online
Anal $77 $208 $393
Bikini Line $77 $208 $393
Brazilian Style for Men $202 $545 $1,030
Buttocks (not including anal) $89 $240 $454
Buttocks (complete) $115 $311 $587
Shaving fee $25

Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal Packages Available


1 session, pack of 3 and pack of 6 sessions


1 session, pack of 3 and pack of 6 sessions

Why choose us?

Aestheticians with experience

Our specialists are specially trained in the latest advanced laser and anti-aging skin rejuvenation technology, offering both male and female therapists from our dedicated team.

The technology of the highest standard

We believe in investing in the latest equipment and regular training to ensure that we provide first class services to our clients that provide results.

Entirely safe treatments

Our laser hair removal treatments are safe, pain-free, quick and effective.

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What are the benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal?

No more shaving rash or ingrown hairs

Say goodbye to those ugly ingrown hairs, or the razor rash which leaves you looking and feeling sore. Just 6-8 sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments provide long-term, hair free results. At most people tend to have an annual top-up session to keep those hairs away.

No more time consuming maintenance

It’s no secret that shaving and waxing are pretty mundane tasks and super time consuming, with laser permanent hair removal you don’t even have to think about the last time you shaved, or worry you may have stubble – just enjoy that smooth skin.

Less painful

Most people know that waxing can be pretty painful, the hot wax ripped at speed away from our sensitive skin areas isn’t the most comfortable experience. While laser hair may be uncomfortable for some (people describe this as having an elastic band pinged against the skin) it is over much quicker, in most areas people describe the hair removal process with lasers as pain-free.

Be holiday ready 24/7

You never know when spontaneous adventures, pool parties and nights out will strike so always be at the top of your game and ready for anything.

It’s kinder to your skin

Laser hair removal is also super kind to your skin. The laser works by targeting the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle, the light energy pulses safely destroy the hair follicle at the root, without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the laser work?

The Alma Soprano XL works similarly to regular laser machines, in that it gradually heats the hair follicles in the subdermal layer of skin. But rather than beaming light into individual follicles, the Soprano XL uses pulses of infrared diode laser energy to do it. This laser energy doesn’t burn the follicles the usual way, causing the pin prick-like pain; rather, it leaves the skin in relative comfort.

Does Brazilian laser hurt bad?

Having laser hair removal on the Brazilian area should not hurt any more than the rest of your bikini line. It’s often compared to being snapped by a rubber band. The sensation of laser varies greatly from person to person. There are a number of different factors that affect how laser feels; hair colour, hair density, skin type and pain threshold all influence how treatment will feel for each individual. The sensation of laser does decrease after each session as hair growth is becoming finer and lighter after each treatment. Advancements in laser technology over the years has provided us with far superior cooling systems to help minimise any discomfort during your session.

How long does laser hair removal take for Brazilian?

How long does a session of laser hair removal take on the Brazilian area? A session of laser on the Brazilian or bikini area takes approx. 20 minutes to complete.

How many treatments will I need?

We typically recommend a series of 6 treatments every 6 weeks for new patients. Due to the normal hair growth cycle, touchup sessions may be needed to ensure all unwanted hair is successfully removed.

Is the Brazilian treatment safe?

Laser hair removal has been performed so many times on millions of patients worldwide. It has been proven to be safe, effective and Pain-Free method of hair removal. VS MedSpa professionals use only the best Soprano equipment.

What to expect?

You can expect great results from a series of laser treatments. However each case is different and number of treatments will depend on the size of treated area and hair structure. You will be able to return to your normal daily activities right after laser hair removal treatment.

Which skin types can be treated?

All skin types can be treated safely.

Is electrolysis better than laser?

One of the biggest benefits to laser hair removal is that it is much less painful than electrolysis. The laser procedure itself is not nearly as painful, and since sessions are shorter, the patient does not need to experience repeated and continued discomfort. Laser hair removal is often less costly than electrolysis as well.

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