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Buy until April 30, 2020 – start your treatment anytime after the emergency order is revoked. IPL photorejuvenation is very effective in removing sun damage, pigmentation and wrinkles. During IPL Photorejuvenation treatment, high energy light waves are used to reduce or eliminate many common effects of aging, including facial wrinkles and skin discolorations. IPL light also encourages the production of collagen, a natural protein that fills in wrinkles, making the skin smooth and supple.

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What is IPL Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation?

Innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL™) Photofacial procedure is a 30-minute skin treatment in which intense pulses of light are used to penetrate into the lower layer of the skin known as the dermis. IPL Photorejuvenation then causes blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines, and cells called fibroblasts are stimulated into producing more new collagen. Over several ipl photofacial treatments, the collagen smoothes and softens the appearance of your wrinkles, pores, and textural irregularities. Say goodbye to the effects of sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, red, blotchy skin and signs of photoaging! IPL Photofacial technique is gentle on the skin allowing patients to continue with their normal daily activities with no downtime!



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IPL Photofacial system treats the following skin conditions:

  • pigmentation spots
  • redness of rosacea
  • sun-damage
  • spider veins
  • enlarged pores and unsmooth facial skin
  • fine wrinkles
  • lack of skin tone and elasticity
  • dull skin appearance etc.

IPL Photofacial Results

After one ipl photofacial treatment, clients should expect to see and feel smoother skin. Age spots initially become darker and then move to the skin’s surface where they fall away as part of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Skin and pores feel and look tighter, while fine lines and wrinkles slowly decrease in size. For maximum benefit, five ipl photofacial treatments spanning a year are recommended for most skin types.

Intensive ipl photofacial allows to aggressively treat the signs of sun damage, including brown spots, redness, and fine wrinkling, as well as pre-cancerous lesions (actinic keratoses) and acne. Ipl photofacial inactivates the bacteria that triggers acne, exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, and shuts down the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin that are the primary cause of acne.

Advanced IPL Photofacial Technologies

Alma Laser  Harmony XL Pro Photofacial – IPL machine that we use delivers the most advanced light therapy technology to revitalize your skin to a more youthful state. Since Alma machines take multiple hand pieces, there are many treatment options available. New innovations include depth control capabilities allowing practitioners to control the precise depth of treatment depending on the area being treated, skin type or indication.

How IPL Photofacial Works?

During ipl photorejuvenation treatment, high energy light waves are used to reduce or eliminate many common effects of aging, including facial wrinkles and skin discolorations. IPL light also encourages the production of collagen, a natural protein that fills in wrinkles, making the skin smooth and supple. With each ipl photorejuvenation treatment, the results of ipl photorejuvenation become more pronounced. Five full-face ipl photofacial sessions spaced four weeks apart are normally required for optimal results.

IPL Photofacial Photorejuvenation Treatment

IPL Photofacial Photorejuvenation is a breakthrough treatment in age-defying skin care. It’s a treatment that turns damaged, sun-aged skin into radiant, glowing complexion. IPL Photofacial Photorejuvenation revitalizes the skin with no downtime at all.

At our VS MedSpa, IPL Photofacial Photorejuvenation is our most popular treatment. We successfully treat a wide range of skin conditions including:

  • Effects of photo-aging
  • Sun damage and sun-induced freckles
  • Age lines
  • Skin discoloration (red or brown spots)
  • Acne scars
  • Rosacea and unsightly veins
  • Vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Birthmarks and many other skin conditions

IPL Décolleté photorejuvenation Treatment

IPL Décolleté Treatment is photorejuvenation; it’s the safest light therapy available for the décolleté or neckline. The treatment targets brown spots, sun spots, redness, rough thickened skin, and wrinkles.

Your dark spots will fade within 7-10 days. You will need a series of three IPL photo rejuvenation treatments spaced a month to six weeks apart. You will see some improvement after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen with at least three treatments.

IPL hands photorejuvenation treatment

IPL Photofacial anti-aging treatment is one of the best treatments for wrinkles and skin pigmentation, red blemishes and broken blood vessels on the aging hands. It imroves color, skin tone and texture for blotchy, sun-damaged, and discolored skin.

Benefits of IPL Photofacial for Hand Rejuvenation:

  • Quick and noninvasive
  • Targets skin imperfections at deeper levels of the skin
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Evens out skin tone and texture
  • Smooths wrinkled hands and sagging skin on hands
  • Revives dry, crepey skin on the hands
  • Plumps skin to minimize the appearance of veiny hands


This procedure is an effective way to treat most skin types, however very dark skinned patients do not benefit from the ipl photorejuvenation treatment. Tanned patients must delay treatment for 4-6 weeks after sun exposure in order to fade the tan. The extra pigment from tanning will absorb some of the pulsed light and may cause a skin reaction. Artificial tanning creams must be stopped 4 weeks prior to your appointment as well.


  • no tetracyclines within two weeks prior to the procedure
  • no natural or artificial tanning within two weeks
  • using sun protection of at least 30 SPF for outdoor activities
  • no alcohol-based skin treatments three days prior to the procedure
ipl photofacial treatments

What to Expect During IPL Photofacial?

Before the procedure begins, you will be given protective eyewear to protect you from the bright flashes of light. A cool gel is often applied to the treatment area, both to lubricate the handpiece and to help cool the epidermis during the treatment. Your skin care specialist will apply brief pulses of bright light to the skin through the handpiece. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the ipl photofacial procedure may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

During the IPL  Photofacial procedure, you will feel a warm sensation caused by the handpiece. Some patients liken the sensation to a slight pinch or “zap”. The number of pulses you receive will depend on the size of the area being treated.


  • pigmentation spots fade away up to their complete disappearance
  • pores diminish in size and skin gets smoother
  • spider veins disappear
  • skin tone and elasticity improve
  • fine lines disappear
  • face acquires a healthy-looking appearance etc.


  • no sun tanning for 2 weeks
  • use of sun protection of at least 30 SPF for outdoors
  • no skin steaming and using hot water for 3 days
  • no saunas or swimming pools for 3 days
  • no alcohol-based skin treatments for three days following the procedure
  • no tetracyclines within two weeks following the procedure

Follow-Up IPL  Photofacial Treatments

On average, you will follow-up for maintenance treatments 3-4 times a year, typically in the spring and fall. These maintenance treatments are to remove any damage you may have incurred over the summer and winter months.


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We recommend to apply 24k gold face mask after IPL  Photofacial Treatment

To maximize and prolong results of this treatment we recommend to apply 24K gold mask. The gold mask can provide tremendous benefits for your skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and is also thought to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Word on the street is that even Cleopatra herself used gold masks on a nightly basis to keep her skin glowing, hydrated, and radiant.

gold mask facial


Photoaging refers to skin damage caused by prolonged sun exposure, specifically UVA and UVB rays. As we age, we realize that the skin on the exposed areas of the body such as the face, neck and hands are aging much earlier. Lost elasticity, age spots, various vascular lesions, the skin becomes rough and covered with a network of fine wrinkles. Of course, a lot depends on genes, constitutional features of the person and the state of the organism as a whole, but the aging process significantly exacerbated by natural aggressor – the sun. On one hand, it is useful: sunbeams help the body to produce vitamin D, without them, we would have remained constantly under depression and our immunity would hopelessly weakened. On the other hand, an excess of solar radiation leads to premature failure of the structural components of the skin such as collagen and elastin fibers and increases the number of pigmented and vascular lesions.

Over the past decade there was invented a great variety of rejuvenating treatments to combat photoaging: mechanical dermabrasion, various chemical peels, laser resurfacing etc. However, an excellent cosmetic effect usually comes after a long and painful recovery period. Fortunately, scientists cooperated with practitioners and came up with another, less painful solution with no downtime. This state-of-art treatment is called photofacial, photo rejuvenation or IPL.

It is not a coincidence that laser skin rejuvenation (Photofacial) has gained popularity so fast.
Only a few sessions and your skin will acquire a healthy and beautiful glow!

“This was my first photofacial appointment at VS MedSpa, I enjoyed meeting Victoria. She explained the process well, was polite and passionate about what she does. I am seeing a difference already and am excited about the final result. Looking forward to other treatments here. Thank you!”

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