Fusion Mesotherapy

Fusion Mesotherapy

Treatment Description
Fusion Mesotherapy combined with collagen stimulation

What is Fusion Mesotherapy?

Fusion Mesotherapy is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment using a combination of two professionally advanced concepts:

  • Collagen stimulation therapy and,
  • A host of sterile medical grade pharmaceuticals such as vitamins, minerals, growth factors, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

FUSION Mesotherapy delivers vital nutrients and hydration directly into your epidermis using microneedles to provide your skin with essential ingredients exactly where they’re needed.

The blend of nutrients used is uniquely tailored to your requirements, whether you want to target specific problem areas (such as sun damage or scarring) or wish to benefit from a more general anti-aging effect.This treatment is used to treat conditions such as wrinkles, sagging skin, lack of radiance, dehydration, sun damage and scarring.

Fusion Mesotherapy anti aging solution
Fusion Mesotherapy anti aging solution

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The future of skin rejuvenation. High-End professional products to treat:

  • Wrinkles & expression lines
  • Aged & loose skin
  • Pigmentation & sun damage
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite & localised fat
  • Fractional Mesotherapy is a new treatment, which combines micro needling therapy with the contemporary Mesotherapy practice.
Fusion Mesotherapy pen with cocktails

Fusion Mesotherapy treatment price

Oxygeneo New Advanced 3-in-1 Super Facial $210 $489 BUY ONLINE
Oxygeneo Glam Pure Gold Facial $250 $589
Glass Skin Facial $269 $645
Dermaplaning $149 $338 BUY ONLINE
IPL Photo Facial $269 $609 BUY ONLINE
Skin Tightening Face & Neck $210 $489 BUY ONLINE
Skin Tightening Neck $119 $259 BUY ONLINE
Pixel Fractional Laser Face $369 $899 BUY ONLINE
Chemical Peel $159 $364 BUY ONLINE
Microdermabrasion $165 $379 BUY ONLINE
Microneedling Face & Neck $269 $645 BUY ONLINE
Scars Treatment Starts from $139
Skin Tag Removal 30 min $120
Winter Cranberry Mask $140 BUY ONLINE

How does Fusion Mesotherapy work?

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy

It works by introducing microscopic quantities of products into the skin to treat a variety of conditions. The FUSION Meso Therapy Pen treatment offers the latest generation of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to vertically pierce the skin and produce hundreds of micro channels whilst protecting the epidermis, the micro injuries trigger the synthesis of new collagen, without any risk of scarring to the skin, this treatment is ideal for Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Lines and Wrinkles, Acne Scarring, Shrinking and Smoothing of Stretch Marks.

Fusion Mesotherapy logo

Micro-Needling – Allows for precise and controlled application of our Active Serums to either full face or specific areas of concern, ie; lip, eyes or frown lines.

Fractional Mesotherapy – Introduces friction alongside micro-needling with a motorised hand-held device to create the necessary skin reaction to stimulate new collagen. Applying bespoke Active Serums to enhance and improve the treatment application.

Fusion Xpert Meso-therapy – This no needle, non-invasive skin rejuvenation technique uses electroporation to enhance the penetration of our Active serums into the skin. By also using LED light, in either Red for Rejuvenation, Green for Radiance or Blue to Purify, this treatment offers a complete and enhanced result.

Fusion Meso Pen

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy for face and neck
Fusion mesotherapy pen

The Fusion Meso Pen is an electronic skin needling device that offers the best results in Fractional Mesotherapy. This safe and effective treatment provides immediate and long lasting results.

Unlike standard dermal rollers, the Fusion Meso Pen produces less micro-trauma to the skin which in turn effectively reduces redness and dehydration. The medical grade needles are penetrated vertically into the skin, or are safely glided across the skin in combination with a bespoke serum mixed to meet your specific requirements.

The Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy treatment provides other advantages over a standard dermal roller treatment. Most significantly areas of the face that have previously been difficult to treat are no longer a problem, as the Fusion Meso Pen has a small head making it easier to achieve superior results in areas around the eyes, nose and lips.

No-Needle Fusion XPERT Mesotherapy

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy no-needle

Quality. Safety. Results. Innovation.

No-Needle Fusion XPERT Mesotherapy works for all areas of the face and neck.

In order to optimise the delivery of the fractional mesotherapy ingredients, your practitioner may use the No-Needle Fusion Meso Expert to enhance their effect. This device uses electroporation, photo and LED stimulation to ensure that the ingredients penetrate all parts of the epidermis.

his works by opening aquaporine channels and cellular membranes so the nutrients reach the very heart of your skin cells. The result is the formation of healthier and more vital skin cells. With No Needles and No Down time this pain free infusion treatment enables an amazing bespoke facial to be performed with immediate results.

Using a combination of pharmacy grade Vitamins, Peptides and Growth Factors which are specifically combined, just for you. Areas and conditions that can be targeted are:

  • Expression lines and wrinkles
  • Crows feet and Eye bags
  • Loss of firmness
  • Lip plumping
  • Dehydration

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy is a safe and effective alternative or compliment to chemical peels, plastic surgery, IPL and laser.

Fusion Meso before and after
Before and after Fusion Meso treatment

Your personal treatment

A course of fractional mesotherapy treatments can provide dramatic and long lasting results for many different conditions, together with general improvements in skin tone and complexion. Unlike traditional mesotherapy, the blend of ingredients is tailored to your needs, providing a more personal and effective result. We recommend a minimum of three treatments in order to maximise the results and provide the optimum rejuvenating effects.


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Book your appointment and get $25 off your first skin treatment. Ask us about running promotions and special packages.


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